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The Olympic House and Park

Olympic House and Park: it is a major project for Sports in Cyprus and indeed an important landmark in the activities of the Cyprus Olympic Committee. It is located in an area of seven thousand five hundred square metres, having a commanding position over the entry point to the capital. The Olympic House will be the core centre of Sports in Cyprus.


Its architecture expresses three basic dimensions, these being the components of the Olympic ideal.

-    The Universal Dimension: cultivating and diffusing the Ancient Spirit of Olympism, in the sense of co-operation, emulation and peace in the world.

-    The Historical Dimension: preserving and reviving a 3000 year old concept.

-    The Sport Dimension: promoting simultaneous Physical and Spiritual exercise as an essential human activity.

The wall is located on the side of the long highway, along the site. It is a wall that marks the end of the Park and is also a “barrier” for the visual and acoustic pollution from the side of the highway.

At the same time, it is a solid foundation symbolizing the historic character of the Olympic Games as a concept. A path has been created along the construction for those who wish to walk and relax, observing the surrounding area and enjoying the view. The Olympic Park, which is created on the basement level, is a further component of the Project.

The perimetric Park includes a grove and thematic gardens arranged according to sport topics. Around the building, there is also some green space and a space for walking and organising events. 

The dry and wet gardens on the ground floor are considered among the most pleasant spaces of the Park. A place for resting, relaxing and exhibiting sculptures dedicated to the Olympic Games extends below the two wings, where offices of the National Federations are located, with big flower pots and water surfaces, which frame the sculptures.

The Square is situated in the central shaft along the building. It is an interim space between the city and the building.

It shelters the underground parking place and is also functional as a space where various events might take place. It is an extension of the central garden and leads to the public green site.

The Central Garden is located in the centre along the building. It is the covered Atrium, the “heart” of the Project and leads to the entrance of the House and the Square. It forms a “Multimedia Garden” and various audiovisual means are used, like giant screens, projection panels and other exhibition means. The soil is planted with grass like a ground or a stadium.

The multiple-purpose Room is on the basement and communicates with the entrance hall of the House. It is a place where assemblies, lectures, occasional exhibitions, seminars etc will be organised by both the Cyprus Olympic Committee and its member Federations. It may be equally split into three rooms, with an individual entrance leading to the entrance of the House and the Olympic Park.

The Meeting Rooms are upstairs and extend along the building. They are suspended rooms over the atria and are proliferated as if they were going through a prism, confirming therefore the spirit of co-operation that governs the project. These rooms might be used for the meetings of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, the Federations etc. The entrance of the House is visible from there as well as the “Multimedia Garden”. The Gallery is one of the most characteristic rooms of the Mansion. It is situated on all the floors and is always the starting point leading to the “Multimedia Garden” from the Square side.  

It is a pierced metal construction, which is used simultaneously as an entrance and as a pylon of vertical and horizontal movements as well as a watchtower from where the Multimedia Garden, the Square and the City could be viewed. It is a construction where detection and projection of the internal and external space could take place.

The Gallery is the last part of our visit on the site. The Olympic House and the Park will be soon the new decoration and reference point of the capital and simultaneously the first important monument of Sports and Olympism in Cyprus.

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