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In-serving Training

Education and professional training of the individuals who are professionally involved in Sports is a special field, which the COC considers particularly important.

It has proved impossible for a country to fully develop its sporting potential by results in terms of developing Sport relying solely on its funding. In the USA and Europe, as well as in many other countries in the world, it has been obvious for a number of years that in order to develop Sport, individuals properly trained on a professional level, with academic qualifications in sport administration, are needed. 

The International Olympic Committee has dealt with the issue over the last few years. The IOC has organised training courses aiming at educating new Leaders through the Olympic Solidarity . Professional qualifications and  constant training are the “key” factors for all successful professionals today. 

It is imperative that Cyprus keeps in line with Europe in this field too, considering the above-mentioned data and the fact that the country is joining the European Union. 

Our era and Sporting level require individuals who are properly trained and can meet the modern functional needs of sport. Furthermore, these individuals need abreast with the quick pace of evolutions coming up. 

The Cyprus Olympic Committee has undertaken the responsibility to offer to all the leaders of its sport Federations and all those who are involved in this specialised field, the opportunity to acquire further scientific knowledge and experience in sport administration. A small number of our sport leaders undertook the Masters Degree distance course, offered by Leicester University in Sport Administration.  

The COC will publish the Olympic Solidarity Sport Administration Manual, which is expected to be a remarkably helpful tool for our sport leaders. 


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