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Athlete's Awards


The Cyprus NOC awards ANTONIS PAPADOPOULOS prize annually to the best male or female adolescent Track amd Field athlete in addition to the best track and field athletes. The Cyprus NOC awards the PEFKIOS GEORGIADES prize annually to the best student athlete. In addition, annual awards are presenrted to the best male and famale young athlete in individual and team sports as well as to the best male nad female Special Olympic athletes. Finally special awards are presented to a male and female athlete for special achievemnts awards.

The procedure followed is simple but has proved very functional. The Cyprus NOC invites all the member Federations to submit suggestions with respect to the best Adolescent Male or female in the specific sport. 

The suggestions are submitted to the Cyprus NOC  and a special dossier is prepared and given to the members of a Committee appointed by the Executive Board of the Cyprus NOC. The Committee’s task is to select the best athletes after examining the suggestions of its Federations.

This Board has for many years been composed of the following persons:

  • General Charalambos Lottas, Secretary General of the Cyprus NOC
  • Loukis Terezopoulos, Memeber of the Ephoria of the Cyprus National Olympic Academy
  • Zacharias Kyriacou, Dean of the Cyprus National Olympic Academy 
  • Michael Tymvios (past champion in the Mediterranean Games, Shooting athlete and past member of the Board of Administration of the CSO)

The award ceremony for the best athletes is organised by the Cyprus NOC and the official sport authorities of Cyprus are invited, as well as the athletes’ parents and the representatives of the Federations.

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