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Welcome by the Pressident of the Cyprus Olympic Committee

Welcome by the Pressident of Cyprus Olympic Committee
Mr Constantinos (Dinos) Michaelides

Dinos Michaleides Dear Friends,

 The Cyprus Olympic Committee serves, apply and disseminate an ideology based on the Olympic philosophy and aims Global brotherhood and the ultimate goal of World Peace through humanity. So it tries to achieve these goals through the improvement of the human factor, using as instrument the  devolpement and  practice of sport. This philosophy is based on three core values: RESPECT - FRIENDSHIP - EXCELLENCE which we are obliged to serve in any position we are. These three values ​​are the guiding beacon of our actions.

 The main objectives of each National Olympic Committee are:

1. The development and protection of the Olympic movement and dissemination of the Olympic spirit.
2. Implementation of the rules of the Olympic Charter governing the operation of each sporting entity (Federations, etc).
3. The organization of preparation, selection of athletes and teams participating in international competitions held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee.
4. The protection of the absolute autonomy of sport and the effective resistance to pressure, political, religious, social and economic.

Especially for Cyprus, the role of the Cyprus Olympic Committee is limited to a) the dissemination of the Olympic spirit, b) international participants, c) in sports development programs (training), d) the international visibility and mainly e) to guarantee the sport's independence and sports organisations (National Sport Federations).
Two key conditions for successfull  planning are the guarantee of self-reliance and economic independence of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the cooperation and concurrence with our Federations. Additionally these plans should stem from the smooth operation and collaboration beyond the members of Federations, with the Ministry of Education, the Cyprus Sport Organisation (CSO) and all the stakeholders.

D Michaelides Sign

Dinos Michaelides
President of the Cyprus NOC




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