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Great Sucees for Cyprus at the OLYMPEX Beijing 2008

  OLYMPIC EXPO Beijing 2008

Cyprus has achieved a great sucess at the OLYMPEX Philetelic Exhibiton - Contest held in Beijing from 8th untill the 18th of Ausust 2008 parallel to the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008, winning seven medals. 

The Medals were won by:

Α) The Philotelic and collectors group of the Kyrenia Municipality - 1 Gold-plated

Β) Andreas Eliades - 2 Bronze Medals

C) Gennadiou Andreas - 1 Gold-plated

D) Solomou Eve - 1 Silver

Ε) Eliadou Klelia - 2 Bronze

The exhibition was hosted at the Beijing Exhibition Centre a building of superb arrchitecture at the cnter of the city of Beijing with an area of 22,000 m2. The exhibition was under the patronage of the I.O.C. The Chinnese Olympic Committee and the organisation of the event was the reposibility of the Chineese Postal Authorιities. The honorary preisdent of the exhibition was Mr Huan Antonio Samaranch former IOC president.

The exhibition Center that hosted the contest is a bulding of magnificemt architecture situated at the center of Beijing. The whole exhibition area had a volume of 22,000 m. The exhibition was under the patronage of the Chineese Olympic Committeee and was organised by the Chinnese Post Authorities.

The whole space hosting the ehibition was separated imto various sections with different Olympic Collection items. There were 209 collections from 25 countries. The assesment committee consisted of eight international judges from various countries.

There was also a Nomisnmatic collection section with Olympic coins. There were 209 collections competing at the exhibition from 25 countries.

Several postal offices were represented at the exhibition with their own stands. Mr Huan Antonio Samaranch former IOC president also diplayed his personal Olympic Stamps collection, consiting of olympic stamps froma various countries issued during different Olympic Games. At a separete section of the exhibition there was a collection of Olympic Medals (1896-2008), as well as a complete collection of Olympic torches (1936-2008).

The President of the Cyprus Republic payed a visit at the exhibition together with other governmental officials on the 13th of August while he was in Beijing attending the Olympic Games.

Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001153  Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001178  Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001193 
The two Gold-plated medals to the Cyriot Philatelic delegationMr Andreas Eliades displaying his medals and diplomas at the Olympic House next to the Secretary General of the Cyprus NOC Mr Andreaw StavrouMr Andreas Eliades displaying one of the medals he won at the OLYMPIC EXPO. 
 Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001171 Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001173  Beijing_2008_OLYMPEX_The_Olympic_ExpoS8001159 
The Silver medalThe Gold-Plated medalThe four bronze medals and the diplomas awarede to the Cypriot collectors
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