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Olympic Day 19-06-2010_6With a huge participation the greatest in numbers during the last years, the Cyprus NOC celebrated the 2010 Olympic Day in a very nice atmosphere on Saturday the 19th on June. The event took place at the heart of the Nicosia, at the Archbishop Makarios Avenue. The Olympic Day was organized by the Cyprus NOC together with the Nicosia Municipality, Pericles Demetriou Runners Club, the Cyprus Cycling Federation and the Restaurant Le Café. Pokka Coffee was the major sponsor of the event and Papa Jones Pizza, and Snaple and Loux drinks were the suppo5rters of this event. The Olympic Day is held worldwide in order to celebrate the establishment of the IOC in Sorbonne on the 23rd of June 1894.

Many officials form the Cyprus NOC, the Cyprus Sport Organisation as well as representatives of National Sports Federations and plenty of simple citizens attended the Olympic Day. Welcoming the participants as well as the funs attending the Olympic Day with a short message, the President of the Cyprus NOC, Hon. Prof. Ouranios M. Ioannides said: ‘We must feel happy and proud that we are among the 2 million people among 170 countries participating in the celebrations of the Olympic Day. The Olympic Day is the healthiest and most pure form of love for sports that the Cyprus NOC and the Olympic Movement supports in various ways’. The president also thanked all the participants, funs, sponsors, co-organisers and supporters of the event.

In his speech the President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation Dr. Nikos Kartakoullis who also participated in the 5km run said that sport is a social property for everyboady. While the depute mayor of Nicosia Mrs Soula kolakidou stressed the double purpose that the Olympic Day serves saying that we celebrate the Olympic Idea and we mainly support the active involvement of citizens in sport and the pure spirit of Fair play. At the same time we contribute decisively to the promotion and dissemination of sport and Olympic ideals that are universal especially among youth.

The Olympic day, was celebrated perhaps at the most popular and central Avenue of Nicosia, Makariou Avenue. The event consisted of a 5km run race for adults who were escorted by cyclists and a run of 1 km for children. The event also had cycling skills demonstrations by cyclists of the Cyprus Cycling Federation.

The winner of the 5km race was the Ethiopian runner Kasachoun Gebel. All the runners received a diploma as well as commemorative medal

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