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The Cyprus Sport Organisation is a semi-governmental organisation enacted by the 1969 – 1996 laws upon the Cyprus Sport Organisation acting as the Supreme Sporting Authority in the Republic of Cyprus.

Main objectives:

Developing extracurricular sports, Co-ordinating the sporting life in Cyprus,
Cultivating the Olympic ideal and Promoting Cyprus on the international sports scene.

A nine-member Board of Administration runs the Cyprus Sport Organisation with a President, a Vice-president and seven Members. Operational Manager of the Organisation is its Director General.

The services of the Organization are divided into four sectors and two branches:

  1. Sport sector
  2. Sport grounds sector
  3. Financial management branch
  4. Human Resources branch

The Cyprus Sport history may be divided into five periods:

PERIOD A: 1969-1974

Efforts were made to organise the Cyprus Sport Organisation with a view to establishing National Sports Federations and having them affiliated to the relevant International Federations

PERIOD B: 1974-1980

Efforts were made to restructure the Cyprus Sport Organisation considering the problems experienced due to the invasion, the occupation and at the same time attempts were made to create the necessary sport infrastructure, despite the financial problems in Cyprus, owing to 200.000 citizens becoming refugees. That time is characterized as one when maximum effort was deployed to maintain and simultaneously develop sports in the country.

PERIOD C: 1980-1985

Efforts were made to promote sport in Cyprus on an international level with the country's presence on the international competitive ground. Initial results were disappointing, efforts, however, continued to promote sports in Cyprus.

PERIOD D: 1985-1989

Sport in Cyprus continued to develop, with Cypriot athletes competing in Europe, but also in a wider international circuit.  Sport in Cyprus evolved from its previous basically levels and developed significantly during this five year period.  

PERIOD E: 1990-2000

Cyprus enjoyed intense competitive presence on the international sporting circuit, with Cypriot athletes gaining victories and important distinctios.  Sporting activities in Cyprus followed European prototypes and fully complied with European rules and regulations. 

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