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Olympic Solidarity is the body responsible for managing and administering the share of the television rights of the Olympic  Games  that is allocated to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs).  It exercises this responsibility in accordance with the specific programmes of technical and financial assistance  approved by the Olympic Solidarity Commission.  It assists the NOCs and the Continental Associations in their efforts for the development of sport through programmes carefully devised to match their specific needs and priorities.

Olympic Solidarity reflects the Olympic ethic of which the basic notions are gererosity, understanding and international cooperation, cultural exchanges, the development of sport and its educational aspects  and the promotion of a society  concerned with human dignity and  peace.

The objectives of the programmes adopted by Olympic Solidarity are as follows:

  • promoting the fundamental principles of the Olympic Movement
  • developing the technical  sports knowledge of athletes and coaches
  • improving, through scholarships, the technical level of athletes and coaches
  • training sports administrators
  • collaborating with the various IOC Commissions, in addition to the organisations and entities pursuing such objectives, particularly through Olympic education and the propagation of sport
  • creating, where needed, simple, functional and economical sports facilities in cooperation with national or international bodies
  • supporting the organisation of competitions at national, regional and continental level under the authority or patronage of the NOCs
  • encouraging joint bilateral or multilateral cooperation programmes among NOCs
  • urging governments and international organisations to include sport in Official Development Assistance.
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