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The officials of the COC had been concerned with creating a National Olympic Academy in Cyprus. The President of the COC, Mr Kikis Lazarides called upon his close collaborators and a series of preliminary meetings followed. 

During the meeting of the Executive Board of the COC, held on the 13th of January 1987, the whole subject entered its final stage following several important actions. The Academy was established on the 30th of March 1987 during a ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia.


The Cyprus National Olympic Academy operates in compliance with specific rules and objectives.

What follows, is an outline of the mission of the Cyprus National Olympic Academy, defined through the rules that govern its entire functioning.

The Cyprus National Olympic Academy aims at providing Olympic Education to those involved in sport issues, propagating the Olympic Values, implementing the social and pedagogical principles of Olympism, as they have been established through the work accomplished by the International Olympic Academy (IOA). The CNOA collaborates closely with the International Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Academy and all the Sport Authorities to prevail the moral values of the Olympic Idea.

The Cyprus National Olympic Academy

The activities of the CNOA consists of:

  • Being informed of the activities of the International Olympic Academy through contact via the Cyprus Olympic Committee.
  • Preparing the participants who are selected to attend the Conferences of the IOA.
  • Getting the people involved in both the CNOC and the IOA active.
  • Ensuring that the people involved in the CNOC are active in propagating the principles of Olympism.
  • Organising and/or involving other institutions in the organisation of conferences, seminars, meetings, lectures and courses within the framework of the CNOC’s program with respect to conference organising.
  • Producing and distributing the appropriate information documentation on Olympism.
  • Supporting, if possible, the publication of books with reference to the Olympics, the production or the acquisition of Olympic films, the establishment of an Olympic Museum, the creation of an Olympic Library, holding exhibitions etc. 


The main activity of the National Academy is the organisation of conferences and seminars. These conferences or seminars may address individuals involved in various fields of interest, of different age, irrespective of whether they were previously involved with Olympism or not.

Seminars or conferences may also be organised by eminent personalities in sport, athletes, journalists, teachers,  etc.

Irrespective of whether the seminars and/or conferences last a single or several days, they are considered as a single section.

The contents of each section is previously defined should appropriately correspond to the participants’ level of knowledge on Olympism, being also in line with the objectives of the National Olympic Academy. Included are presentations, questions and answers and group debates on specific issues, special films, Olympic sports, Olympic Winners’ activities etc.

When the conference or the seminar lasts several days then the entire curriculum might be analysed and the debates take place within small groups. The conclusions of the working groups are delivered before the Plenary section.

The opening ceremony is held on the first day of the Conference where the President opens the Conference. Sport officials and leaders, press representatives and the public, if possible, are invited. Information about the works and the daily timetable is communicated via the media.

During the Conference, copies of the speakers’ presentations are distributed. After the end of the Conference, all the participants and those not able to attend have access to its proceedings.


The Cyprus National Olympic Academy is under the umbrella of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, the Executive Board of which appoints the members of its Board as well as its Dean.

The term of the CNOA’s Board lasts four years and is composed, upon a decision made by the Executive Board of the COC, of seven members.

Dinos Michaelides
Andreas Georgiades
Costas Panagides
Apostolos Apostolides
Panos Razis
Kalli Xatjiosif
Litsa Iacovidou
Olga Piperidou Chrysaphy


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