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May 2008

Article: The great stake of Cyprus sSport

«Η οργανωτική προσπάθεια για τη διοργάνωση των 13ων Αγώνων Μικρών Κρατών 2009 (1-6 Ιουνίου 2009) έχει ξεκινήσει και συνεχίζεται με εντατικούς ρυθμούς. Η Κυπριακή Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή είναι πρωτοπόρος στην προώθηση των Ολυμπιακών Ιδεωδών και θα καταβάλουμε κ«The organisation for the Cyprus 2009, 13th Games of the Small Stetes of Europe (1st-6th June) has sterted and is continouing with intense paste. Τhe Cyprus Olympic Committee has been a pioneer for the promotion the Olympic Ideals and we will try our best to ensure that 13th GSSE hosted in Cyprus in 2009 will go down to history as the best games ever organised. This is the great stake of the Olympic Movement in Cyprus that we hope to win, like we have done in 1989...

we have the support of the Cyprus Government and of all the other Cyprus Sport Organisations. we have ready in place the greatest part of the sport venues that are in excellent condition, we also have the mood and the willingness to provode to all our friends to participate in the Games of the Small States of Europe, the traditional Cyprus hospitality. Hundreds of volunteers have joined our effforts with a great sense of responsibility and eagerness to offer to make this dream come true.

Kikis N Lazarides
President Cyprus Olympic Committee


Article: The simpliest expression of a global Ideal


Mr Kikis N. Lazarides had the highest honour to participate at the Beijing 2008 Torch relay last Saturday on the 29th of March. Together with other officials of the Olympic Movement worldwide, Presidents of several NOC's and IOC members, after a special ceremony held at Marathonas, he carried the sacred flame at the classical route of the Marathon race.

Olympic_Torch_Relay_Beijing_2008_Athens_k_Lazarides«The emotions are both intense and deep. It is the first time in my life that I have participated in an Olympic Torch relay, since at the 2004 Olympic Torch relay I offered my place to another torch runner due to the fact that there was enormous deman for participation at the Torch Relay. The fact that I was able to carry the Olympic Flame is a special honour and it is for sure a memory that will stay in mind for ever. The fact that i was able to participate at the Classical Marathon Route, from Marathionas to Athns is of a symbolic significance to sport and Olympism and this made even more emotional my particiaption at the Torch Relay. The Torch Relay was attended by thousands of people and everything was organised in an excellent manner. The lighting Ceremony and the Torch Relay is teh most simple expretion of the international ideal which is embeded in the Olympic Games. Hand by hand an endless series of people of different race, relifion language carry the Olympic Flame. This cooperation of these many people is identical to the Olympic Ideal itsel» quoted obviosly moved the president of the Cyprus NOC.

The Olympic Flame will be handed over today to representatives of the Beijing 2008 Organising Committeee for the Olympic Games at a special ceremony that will be held in the Panatahniakon Stadium.


Article: Satisfaction for the preparastions of the Pescara 2012 Meditterenaean Games

Pescara_2009_Execytive_Com_Metting_ Italy_April_2008

At the picture on the left, the President of the ICMG Mr Amar Addadi (centre), the treasurer of ICMG, Mr Kikis Lazarides (left) and Mrs Clea Papaellina (right) at the offices of the Organization Committee 

The members of the Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG) had the opportunity to assess the level of the progress of the preparation works for the Mediterranean Games of «Pescara 2009». The session took place in Pescara and in conjuction with the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games (OCMG). The members of the executive committee of ICMG expressed their satisfaction about the progress of the Organizing Committee, after visiting the sport infrastructures and construction works. The president of the Cyprus NOC and treasurer of ICMG mr Kikis N. Lazarides was present during the session and presented all the financial issues of ICMG.

The first official presentation of the mascot of the Mediterranean Games of 2009 in Pescara took place during a press release. The president of the Organizing Committee of Pescara mr Sambatino Aratsou announced that the chief of mission seminar will take place next June. Visits to the upcoming Mediterranean village, the sport infrastructures in Cieti, the stadium «Adriatico» and to the offices of the Organizing Committee, took place.

Mrs Clea Papaellina, the director of the heritage program of the Games, was also present in the session of the executive committee. She presented the business plan of the program which was approved and had several meetings with the members of the Cultural department of the Organizing Committee, in order to create an action plan about the heritage program of the Games of Pescara. 

Activities are planed before, during and after the end of the Games such as Olympic Education Programs in all schools in Pescara, youth camps, co operations with the University of Pescara for increasing the awareness and participation in the Volunteer program of the Games, seminars and other multicultural activities in the Mediterranean village about the athletes, cultural activities and much more.

 In the session two new female members were appointed after the modification of the ICMG Charter, Nour El Hounta Karful from Syria and Tereza Zambel from Spain. Issues pertaining to medicine, communication, marketing, regulations and Statutes, technical and Protovol were also discussed. The members of the executive board of ICMG based on their responsibilities, were met with the respective members of the Organizational Committee of the Mediterranean Games of Pescara.


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